Computer Stupidities!


Some people are really stupid with computers!

  • Me: “I have put this Movie Magic screen-saver on for you.”
  • Manager: “Wow, that’s a nice picture.”
  • Me: “Yeah, it’s not bad, is it?”
  • Manager: “Can you set the screen-saver so the picture doesn’t change?”
  • Me: “Huh?”
  • Manager: “You know, so the same picture stays there while we work?”
  • Me: “Oh! You want this as the wallpaper?”
  • Manager: (angrily) “No! I don’t want you to start decorating the office!”


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its really nice to know you’re better than many people with computers 😀



6 comments so far

  1. lil mis than on

    would youlike to enter in a edit compettion? all you have to do is go to

  2. KC Jackson on

    You have any windows vista upgrade tips?

    Editor’s comment:
    for now..
    use XP tell they release service packs for vista

  3. Saru-chan on

    wow !! nice blog !!!

    i felt really happy just by reading your blog !!~~

    and alot of fun facts too ^^

    keep it up !!! ~~

  4. Socool on

    My sister is stupid 😛

  5. yrtm on

    i’ll join ur compettion 😀

  6. punky face on

    heyy! we got your comment on cp edits, but we need your picture today! we are probably going to start on friday [tomorrow] so hurry! 😀
    – punky face

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