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Top 10 Things To Put In A Plastic Baggie!

10.)A goldfish.

9.)Peanut Butter and Marshmellow sandwich.

8.)Evidence from an Investigation.


6.)Your Pet.

5.)Your Life Savings.

4.)A deadly virus.



1.)Another Plastic Baggie!

New Author!


Added videos page,Be sure to check it out!



You know that i made a post saying i want an author for my site.. ” Check: No Title..(i just cant find a title)


Its time for a new author!

and the new author is…


Sorry Lakera & doodlegurl24, but i said a non-cp site will be better, and JavaLlama has a non-cp one..

No hard feelings 😉

Ta-Ta 4 n0w! :mrgreen:


I hope this guy has life insurance, lots of it!



Amazing Balloon Creations!


No Title (i just cant find a title..)


I want an author for my site to help posting stuff..

By “stuff” i mean NON-CP stuff..

If you want to..

In a comment,

Write your site’s URL..

It would be better if your site is a NON-CP site..

And if no one wants to..

I’ll continue posting on this site.. alone..

Thats all!