What wants to be a Millionaire

Uh!! maybe she doesnt want to be a millionaire..

Are You smart enough to answer that?? is it A,B,C or D? :mrgreen:



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  1. jacobjdog on

    Idiot: UHHHHHH I PICK A!!!!! GO A!

    Idiot, The awnser is c

  2. esmilita on

    Yeah it’s definitely A. Pick A! (btw, we do know the answer is actually C) 😛

  3. zoe3000 on


  4. Java Llama on

    La La La, I love laughing at those

  5. Lakera on

    i cant belive she is stupid enough to say an elephant is bigger than the moon!

    by the way its c

  6. Alex on

    uhhh it got be “a” I LOVE PEANUTS YAY where muh million dollars?

  7. ladybug177 on

    woah! I didn’t think moons were invented yet!!!

  8. l.a.d.y.b.u.g1.7.7. on

    did u type the word ‘IDIOT!’ at the top, or did the show?

    Yrtm says:
    Well, i found this pic somewere online,
    but i’m sure that the show didnt ..

  9. Kitkatgirl on

    C. obviously the moon is bigger than it looks 🙄

  10. Pappydrewit™ on


  11. Castfire on


  12. Castfire on

    oh also i just noticed that the question was whited out.

  13. Varsco on

    A!!! No.. gosh everyone know that it’s D.
    Those kettles get pretty big you know :O

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