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Hey Everyone! Java Llama here! Sorry I havent posted in AGES I have been very busy with school work and plays! But, I will try to post and comment here as much as possible!I hope you guys all had gread holidays! Now, to kick off the comming soon New Year, if it is alright with Yrtm, everday counting down to the New Year, I wil realse diffrent “specials”! Yrtm, if yuo have a problem with this let me know!

Peace Out, Java Llama


**Make Music not War**

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Cheap Soccer Seats!


Creative! :mrgreen:


P.S- Any1 still comes here ?! If u do , puh-leez comment !

Birds CAN Draw!

Hey everybody!

We all know that birds can sing.It seems that there’s not much more they can do.

But wait.. check this out, with a little help with their birdy friends, birds can smile!

Smiling birds

Thats all for now! :mrgreen:


HeLLo !!

Hey people!

WordPress finally logged me in. Woo-hoo!

Just posting to say hi! 🙂

*** Update ***

Check new videos, here!