Geeky Stuff .. OUCH!

Some geeks discovered (well, maybe wierd..) ways to recycle keyboards..

Keyboard Sneakers!


A geeky designer wanted a way to recycle his old keyboard, so he came up with these!

Was shown at the 14th International Clothing & Accessories Fair in Beijing, China.

 Keyboard Jewellery (pay attention geeky ladies!)!

Some wicked mind came up with this way to recycle the keys of your keyboards..



Well, I won’t recycle my keyboard, I’ll just throw it!



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  1. eddy rabbit on

    hi I like your sneaker and I am also a sneker designer and I have over 500 desing if your inetresting my email is

    Editor’s Comment:
    I didn’t design these stuff.

  2. Computer Keyboard Sneaker | Walyou on

    […] Via JustSimpleStuff […]

  3. […] Not sure how comfy these would be, since those are real keyboard keys affixed to the outsides. But they will certainly grab attention. [Source] […]

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