1 million out in the road for you!



Some security glass company put 1 million dollars between 2 of their glass in the streat, and whoever could break it can take the million dollars.. no one could!

What a way to advertise..



8 comments so far

  1. JASIN on


  2. chizza on

    i could get into this..
    please bring to my town..

  3. Quintin on

    you spelled street wrong.

  4. mitch on

    Why doesnt someone just shoot it with like a rocket launcher or drive a car into it or something??? and that doesnt look like one million dollars at all

  5. Ty on

    Hmmm… Could the “Original” poster please reveal the location for this feat? I am sure that there are some atypical stipulations, as to the “Contest rules”…However, I know that I can beat it.
    Maybe 3M would like to offer 100x’s that amount, for a truly indestructable material that is used everyday in common. However, the two catalyst’s would never be thought of to be put together?

  6. ben on

    id get in. id run my truck into that sun of a bitch.

  7. Balla swan on

    Easy you take an 18 wheeler and smash into it although there probably are rules.

  8. anonymous on

    fuck da rules if its in the street it deserves 2 be taken

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