A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet..


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  1. Ilan on

    love this blog. Can’t get enuff of it

    Hello yrtm.
    Have you ever wanted to make a boring food taste like a five star meal?
    Well guess what?
    This is possible via 1 word…PERSPECTIVE.
    Perspective is the way u see something. It may sound boring but once you click the following link u will learn about in a funny and entertaining way. It is cooler than people may think. Here is the link or shall i say portal to the world of perspective the taco edition:

    Or if this link is not working please go to and check out the taco post

  2. justinbob on

    wooo this is scary. Haven’t talked to you in a while

  3. Ilan on

    Your invited to my party:
    Please look at link:

  4. ®é∂çøwz on

    Hi yrtm! I thought you might like this. I made this funny post about fruit animals. Please check it out. Thanks for viewing the post because i am trying to get people to read it cuz none has.

    You rock!

  5. javallama on

    Yrtm! Good news, you won the icon contest! That means you get to be a writer on my blog for 1 month! Please give me your e-mail that you used for wordpress!

  6. willykean on

    I think you should tell that to my president!

    I am not sure he is ready to meet friends he doesn’t know yet.

    This picture tells the truth

  7. lil mis than on

    Is there a differnt picture in this picture? or is it just a starnger? i cant see 😆

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