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Top 10 Things To Do With A Burnt Light Bulb!

10.)Don’t change it, just say you are conserving energy.

9.)Carry it to business meetings, and then when someone asks you a question, hold it over your head and say you are all out of fresh ideas.

8.)Try to recharge it.

7.)Collect a boxful, then sneak into a neighbors house and change all of their bulbs and tell them them their electricity was cut off.

6.)Mount it and watch it instead of the TV.

5.)Drop it in the community pond and see if it floats.

4.)Take it to a rock concert and hold it in front of you and wave it around (because you are too cheap to buy a lighter).

3.)Smash it with a hammer.

2.)Sell it to a stupid kid on the street.

1.)Hold it upside-down in the middle of a flat field during a thunderstorm, wait for lightning, and then watch it glow!

Top 10 Things To Put In A Plastic Baggie!

10.)A goldfish.

9.)Peanut Butter and Marshmellow sandwich.

8.)Evidence from an Investigation.


6.)Your Pet.

5.)Your Life Savings.

4.)A deadly virus.



1.)Another Plastic Baggie!