Useful Stuff *update.1*

Banners to put on your profile (or about) page

I Heart Soccer Ball Banner Images # 172900

Pink Flashing I Heart Ice Cream Images # 174023

I love McDonald's Images # 174113

Green I Heart Watermelon Images # 174257

Orange Banner Addicted To Pizza Images # 174656

Green & Orange Banner Hamburger Junkie Images # 174631

Red Banner I HEART APPLES Images # 174858

Yellow Banner I heart LEMONADE Images # 175810

Red & Yellow Banner M McDONALD'S ADDICT Images # 178213

Red Banner I heart CHERRIES Images # 178559

Banner Images

Blue & Red Banner PEPSI DRINKER Images

Joining a contest? heres some “vote 4 me” banners!

Periwinkle Blonde Vote 4 Me! Images # 174426

Blue Brunette VOTE 4 ME! Images # 176214

Brunette & Pink VOTE 4 ME!! Images # 181301

Fuschia Star Swirls Vote For Me! Words

Smileys help!

What Are Smileys?

Smileys, also known as “emoticons,” are small faces used to convey emotions in your writing.

They are a great way to brighten up posts. icon_smile.gif

What Text Do I Type To Make Smileys?

The smiley images and the text that produces them*:

* *In some instances, multiple options are available for displaying the same smiley.

Thats all!



4 comments so far

  1. esmilita on

    Ahh! I keep typing and it takes me back a page! Okay making this quick: To use the other signs, hold down alt key and type numbers using the keys on the right not top.

    Yrtm says:
    Q. What if you dont have numbers on right?..
    A. Copy it!
    Q. What if I don’t want to copy?
    A. @#%&*$$

  2. bella03 on

    hola! would you mind if i took the pic of the smileys and put it on my site? id say *at the bottom of the put* from Yrtm’s site –
    i wont put it up until you say its ok 🙂

  3. star5treak on

    Why isn’t a I love pie banner on there?

    Yrtm says:
    Ok, i’m trying to get 1 :mrgreen:

  4. star5treak on


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